The promise of “New Year, New You”


I have a bit of a confession to make!

I subscribe to far too many “health and wellness” blogs. It started while I was studying Nutrition as I was trying to fill my life with all things healthy and motivating. Over the years, I began following many more and generally have not unsubscribed from any. The result? My inbox is constantly bombarded with conflicting advice and a whole lot of misinformation about Nutrition. I have learned that many of these are written by people with minimal or no qualifications in the field whatsoever. Yet sometimes what they publish is so convincing that I am left doubting my own knowledge! And I should know better right? I have spent 4+ years (and still going) studying the human body and nutrition.

As the clock ticked over midnight and we turned another calendar year my inbox was inundated with emails about “the best way to lose weight this year”, “make this year your lightest yet”, “what NOT to eat to achieve the body of your dreams”, “The health foods that make you fat”. My gosh! Is this what the WELLNESS industry has become? Focusing on losing weight and fuelling peoples insecurities about their bodies? Making people fearful of foods – even REAL FOOD? Telling us all that we are NOT good enough?


Each New Year there are multiple advertisements targeting those who make resolutions to lose weight and get fitter! There are so many programs and supplements to choose from. Year after year, I have sat back in silence and listened to friends, family and even strangers discussing the latest program they have decided to try. But this year, I have decided to speak up more and call out this bullshit for exactly what it is!


Long lasting changes take time, effort and long term lifestyle changes. It is not something that can be achieved in 30days. It is about re-educating ourselves about health, fitness and wellness and making the decision to integrate achievable changes that we can maintain the results for a long time (aka a lifetime). Its not about restriction and starving ourselves to achieve a certain weight in a certain amount of time. Its about changing our habits so that they are healthier habits! It is about achieving BALANCE!


I say this so often: Health is not the number on the scale. Weight loss is a side effect of good healthy practices. Health comes first, weight loss comes second.


So you really want to lose weight? Become fitter and healthier this year? Then make the CHANGE! Make the COMMITMENT to make long term changes slowly over time. Make the commitment to make these changes so they become a habit, they become part of your lifestyle. Not a diet with an end date, or a six week exercise programme.


Eat more real foods (fruit and vegetables) and less processed foods (which, by the way, include powdered protein and weight loss shakes). Drink enough water in your day.



And if you need help, seek advice from a qualified health professional. Not the latest 30day cleanse in a box which does nothing to educate you about real, long term changes.

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