Fussy Little Eaters Workshop – Port Macquarie 12th November, 2015

Do you, or someone you know have a child who is flexing their independence at meal time? Are you constantly frustrated, worried that they are not getting all that they need to thrive? Then come along to a short workshop being held in Port Macquarie on the 12th November. You will learn some valuable toolsContinue reading “Fussy Little Eaters Workshop – Port Macquarie 12th November, 2015”

To Paleo or not to Paleo – that is the question…

If you haven’t heard of the Paleo diet, perhaps you were fossilised in a very old rock. The diet has literally taken over all media in this country since a number of people have advocated it, promoted it and credited it for changing their lives. Now, I am all for health being discussed and gainingContinue reading “To Paleo or not to Paleo – that is the question…”

Banana Choc Surprise Muffins

Muffins! Most kids love them and they are quite an easy option to take on the road, for play dates and even just a special morning or afternoon tea. Typically speaking though, most of the muffins that are available to buy at cafes or in the shops are packed full of sugar, leaving you to copeContinue reading “Banana Choc Surprise Muffins”

Humble Pumpkin Soup – The Perfect Veggie Smuggler for Kids

Do you have kids that are going through that fussy phase? Are they telling you that they do not like certain vegetables, even though they used to eat them readily? What better way to get some essential nutrients into their little bodies than to smuggle them in foods they love. My (almost) 5 year oldContinue reading “Humble Pumpkin Soup – The Perfect Veggie Smuggler for Kids”

Homemade Muesli Slice

Homemade Muesli Slice / Muesli Bars Recipe. Lets face it, kids LOVE muesli bars and why wouldn’t they. Most of the muesli bars available on the supermarket shelves are full of sugar and other additives which actually make them quite an unhealthy snack. By making these yourself, you can take back control over what youContinue reading “Homemade Muesli Slice”

Introducing The Contented Life Nutrition

Jenny Wehlow – Nutritionist Adv Dip Nut Med. Jenny is a fully qualified Nutritionist and holds an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. A Little about me: I am a wife and a mother of three young, vibrant and energetic children and have recently relocated to Port Macquarie. Having worked as an Executive Assistant in theContinue reading “Introducing The Contented Life Nutrition”