Pumpkin Soup

This immune boosting pumpkin soup combines extra vegetables with some added herbs and spices to help boost your immune system and fight off those winter nasties


500g – 1 kg of pumpkin. I used a combination of Jap and Butternut.

2 potatoes peeled and diced

2 sweet potatoes peeled and diced

1 brown onion peeled and finely diced

2 cloves garlic crushed

2 carrots roughly chopped

2 sticks of celery roughly chopped

1 litre of vegetable stock. For my vegetable stock recipe click here: https://thecontentedlife.com.au/2015/08/25/recipe-stock/


  • Preheat oven at 200 degrees celsius
  • Remove skin off the pumpkin and cut into chunks
  • Place in a baking tray lined with baking paper and drizzle with olive oil and some pink Himalayan salt
  • Cook in the oven for 30-40 minutes, until it is soft and tender and slightly brown. Cooking time will depend on your oven
  • Meanwhile prepare all the other vegetables
  • When the pumpkin is cooked, remove from oven
  • Add onion and garlic to a soup pot together with a little olive oil. Fry until fragrant and transparent
  • Add in pumpkin then add in 1 tsp ground coriander, 1 tbs cumin, 1 tbs tumeric, 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp curry powder. Mix to combine
  • Add all the other vegetables and cover with the vegetable stock. You can add some water if necessary.
  • Continue to cook for approximately 20 minutes. I reduce the heat and cook for additional time to develop the flavour but if you are short on time, it is ok to eat now.
  • Using a hand bar mixer with a soup attachment, blend the soup until it is smooth. You can also use a blender or similar tool but allow the soup to cool slightly before blending.
  • Serve with a dollop of sour cream and some fresh corriander
  • This is a perfect meal to make in bulk and have for some meal options at work

Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry with Organic Udon Noodles

A stir fry is a really quick and simple way to prepare a wholesome meal full of a variety of vegetables, maximising your nutrient intake in one meal!




  • 1 onion, halved and sliced
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 capsicum
  • 1 zucchini, halved and sliced on diagonal
  • 1 carrot, halved and sliced on diagonal
  • 4 mushrooms sliced thinly
  • half broccoli, heads either broken or cut
  • 1-2 sticks celery, cut
  • cabbage of choice
  • spring onions (green shallots)
  • any other vegetables you like

Protein of choice. Tonight we used chicken but you can use beef, lamb, pork or just have it as a vegetarian dish if you wish.


I tend to mix it up a little but tonight was;

  • 1-2 tbs soy sauce
  • 1 tbs hoisin sauce
  • 1/2tbs oyster sauce
  • 1/2 tbs sesame oil



  • Add 1 tbs of coconut oil (or oil of choice) into a cool wok. Add in the garlic and onion. Cook until the onion is transparent. You don’t want the garlic or onion to brown as it will become bitter and start losing their immune boosting properties.
  • Remove them from the heat.
  • Add the chicken and cook until browned. Remove from heat.
  • Add in the harder vegetables (so in this case I kept the cabbage and spring onion to the side). Cook for about 2 minutes. Add a small amount of water and let them steam to lock in the nutrients but make them a little softer.
  • Add the onion, garlic and chicken back in.
  • Add in the sauce and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Throw in the udon noodles (prepared earlier according to packet instructions, usually just boiling), and the softer vegetables (cabbage and spring onion). I also throw in a handful of raw cashew nuts for some extra crunch.
  • Cook for 1-2 minutes.
  • Top with some fresh coriander and serve.
  • Enjoy



Introducing The Contented Life Nutrition

TCL_Logo_N_RGB Jenny Wehlow – Nutritionist Adv Dip Nut Med. Jenny is a fully qualified Nutritionist and holds an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

A Little about me: I am a wife and a mother of three young, vibrant and energetic children and have recently relocated to Port Macquarie. Having worked as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world in Sydney and The Hunter Valley, I decided to make a career change and felt that nutritional health was the natural choice. The decision to study nutrition came naturally to me as I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to make positive changes that would impact the health and wellbeing of my children. My aim is to advise, educate and encourage people to make long-term health changes, just as I have done. I support them in their journey and help them to see that healthy living is not as hard as they imagine it to be. I believe in the power of nutrition to heal as well as to prevent chronic illness and disease. USING FOOD AS MEDICINE:

“The Doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with NUTRITION” Thomas Edison

Nutrition has the power to heal as well as to prevent illness and disease. Using nutrition, dietary and lifestyle changes it is possible to;

– Reduce stress

– Lose weight

– Increase Energy and Vitality

– Improve your digestive health and eliminate discomfort

– Eliminate food cravings

– Improve mood and decrease anxiety and stress disorders

– Protect and support the body’s innate ability to heal itself – Help improve total health and wellbeing

– Increase immunity and decrease common illness and disease


Want to gain control of your health and fitness once and for all? Ask yourself, how many ‘fad’ or ‘yo-yo’ diets have you completed just to put all the weight back on and sometimes even extra weight? This is because most of the diets that promise a quick result are designed to fail. They are not individualised to your needs, nor are they sustainable. If you are keen to make real changes for long-term health, wellbeing and permanent lifestyle changes, an individualised nutritional plan is the only way to go. I will work with you and the needs of your body to help you achieve your goals. By making small and measurable changes over time that make reaching your target weight possible and maintainable.


My main area of interest is to support women in their journey from Preconception, through pregnancy, lactation and Children’s Health. During pregnancy, and even before (during preconception) your body needs additional nutrients to support the normal health and development of your child as well as support a normal pregnancy and birth. Nourishing your body with essential nutrients is vital to your health as well as that of your child. I will work with you to educate you about your additional needs during pregnancy, lactation and through the early years of your child’s life. Giving your child the best nutritional start to life will encourage a lifetime of positive nutritional habits and attitudes to food.

CHILDREN’S NUTRITION How your child eats and the foods they eat will significantly impact their development, learning ability and behaviours. Providing your child with the best possible nutrition in early life can provide dramatic health benefits in childhood and throughout their lives and can help to prevent illnesses. I will educate you on how to boost your child’s immune system by providing them with good nutrition, vitamins and minerals and avoid the development of nutrient deficiencies that can manifest as disease.


Making the decision to take the first steps to changing your current dietary and lifestyle patterns is often the most difficult but once you have made the choice, the rest is relatively simple. My role as a nutritionist is to work with you to develop a treatment plan individual to your needs and to educate you to have a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing

Initial Consultation The Initial Consultation will take approximately 1-1 ½ hours and is quite detailed as we go through all the body systems so we do not miss anything. This will often include taking some physical measurements including blood pressure, weight and body measurements. It is also helpful if you bring copies of any current medical tests including blood tests as well as lists of any current medication to the consultation.

Follow up appointments and treatment plans Once we have gathered all the necessary information regarding your current health status and health goals we will work with you to develop your own individualised meal and treatment plan. It will be tailored to your tastes, specific health goals, cooking abilities and any intolerances or allergies. There is not one eating plan to suit everyone! Everyone has their own goals, needs and wants and I will work with you and guide you as you embark on the journey of positive change.

ARE YOU READY? If you are ready to take the step for positive lifestyle changes, call to book an appointment. I also offer home visits for your convenience.

OUR MISSION: The Contented Life aims to work with the clients individual needs to achieve overall health and wellbeing. The specific aim is to educate and motivate all our clients as well as parents of children about the importance of healthy eating and thus reduce the risks of obesity and diet related illnesses throughout children’s lives as well as promote healthy attitude to food. TREAT THE WHOLE PERSON, FIND THE TRUE CAUSE SO THAT WE DO NOT JUST HAVE A BAND-AID APPROACH I encourage a whole-food diet and aim to reduce the intake of processed foods, additives, preservatives and refined carbohydrates as well as chemicals in foods. Getting back to eating foods as they were intended for humans.

COMPANY GOALS AND OBJECTIVES – Promote healthy eating and dietary choices from preconception to childhood and beyond – Promote the prevention of diet related disease – Empower parents to take responsibility for their child’s health by educating them on how to provide affordable healthy nutritious foods choices – Encourage all clients to make positive changes and achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals for long-term health and wellbeing – Promote small changes and gradual progress towards goals for long lasting changes – Provide clients with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about healthy food choices. DO NOT HESITATE Call to make an appointment now!

JENNY WEHLOW – NUTRITIONIST  ADV DIP NUT MED 0450 920 740 info@thecontentedlife.com.au http://www.thecontentedlife.com.au